Heal head to toe. Grin ear to ear.


Citadel of Wilmette is an intimate setting that offers a “boutique” experience of short-term rehabilitation and long-term care. We’re small, and that means we can do all the little things that make a big difference in helping you feel at home. In this personalized, versatile environment, your care is exactly how it should be – all about you and your needs.


Concierge Services

Our staff strives to accommodate each guest’s individual needs, from favorite treats and technology to ongoing communications about their goals and discharge plans.

This dedication to our guests starts pre-arrival so that specific requests or equipment are ready and waiting and it continues throughout the recovery process—even providing follow-up contact once guests are home again.

Guests Enjoy

Citadel centers are truly a place of strength and well-being. This means while you are focusing on returning home as quickly as possible, we are assisting you in all your personal preferences to make you as comfortable as possible.  At every Citadel location there is a Guest Services Team to help you make the most of your stay, with elegant inspired amenities, which make you feel right at home. Citadel of Wilmette offers:

Wireless internet and TV
iPads® and laptops available
Pet therapy
Private rooms
Transportation assistance
Gardens and open-air courtyards
Concierge dining

24-hour menu service
Kosher option available

Onsite assessments