Making life brighter and better.

We take your health to heart.

Citadel of Wilmette promotes healthy hearts through our state of the art rehabilitation program. 

Patients who have undergone cardiac or vascular surgery or have had a heart attack, have congestive heart failure or other cardiac conditions will benefit from Citadel Healthcare’s unique inpatient cardiac rehabilitation program.
At our center we work with an expert team to maximize the recovery of each patient, making it possible for the patient to return to the community with independent confidence. Citadel Healthcare’s intensive cardiac care program improves mobility, fosters greater independence with daily activities, and includes personalized care and individual therapy sessions tailored to each patient.
Features of our Cardiac Rehabilitation Program: 
  • Individually paced programs under supervision of cardiologists.
  • Modern and innovative physical therapy program.
  • Cardiac outpatient monitoring available.
  • Rounding Cardiologists.

Premier Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Providing a personalized touch for all rehabilitation needs.

At Citadel of Wilmette we believe in making every day count. That’s why our specially trained orthopedic therapists work closely with your physician to create a program of personalized care to support the very best outcomes and to return you to an active life at home as quickly as possible.

Getting you Home Faster

Getting you home faster is the goal for Citadel Healthcare. We have experts in both the medical and therapeutic disciplines, with the best equipment and technology, to not just get you strong, but CitadelStrong.  When it comes to planning, our team creates a dynamic care plan designed to get you home, not just as soon as possible, but as safely as possible.  We persistently keep you on the move, body and mind, so your emotional well-being is on track with your physical recovery.



Short term rehabilitation
Long term care
Medically complex and post-surgical care
Pre-discharge home assessments
Orthopedic care
Pulmonary care
Cardiac care
Stroke recovery
Wound care
Palliative and hospice care
Alzheimer’s/memory care
Pain management
And more

Programs designed to help guests get back to everyday living

All you need for a complete and speedy recovery.

Our goal is to get you back home as quickly as possible. Whether it’s for a hip, knee, spine, or other orthopedic condition, we offer you the exact orthopedic expertise you need, including:

  • Personalized, one-on-one physical and occupational therapy up to seven days a week. This improves strength, flexibility, mobility and endurance to help you reach the highest level of independence, functioning and self-care.
  • Customized, outcome-oriented treatment plan.
  • 24-hour rehabilitative nursing care.
  • Pain management & post-surgical care.
  • Pre-discharge home assessments, discharge planning, case management and comprehensive patient education to help you get home quickly and smoothly. We can also provide you with a pre-discharge nutritional wellness plan.